Car sharing

POAS’ Shared Car (Yhteisauto) is an electric vehicle you can reserve for your own use whenever you need it. The car is reserved through the OP Yhteisauto application and a small fee will be charged for the reservation.

How can I gain access to the Shared Car?
Download the OP Yhteisauto application onto your phone from App Store or Google Play. Enter the code of the shared car into the app. You can make reservations as soon as the code has been approved.

Use the application to reserve the vehicle and jump behind the wheel at the car’s home point. The application will advise you how to use the electric vehicle.

Home points of the shared cars:
1. Ritakatu (Ritakatu 13, end of the C building)
2. Hervanta (Insinöörinkatu 21, Tupakkikiven parkki, car space no 24)
3. Peltolammi (Vaahterakuja 5 corner, car space no 1)

The access code to the cars:

Rental prices of the shared cars:
€ 7 per 1 hour
€ 20 per 3 hours
€ 30 per 8 hours
€ 40 per 12 hours
€ 50 per 24 hours

If you encounter any problems, please contact the customer service of OP Yhteisauto (24 h):
By phone: 0100 0550
Via the application using the chat function
By email:
Instructions and FAQ are available at