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Shared cars

POAS’ shared car (Yhteisauto) is an electric vehicle you can reserve for your own use whenever you need it. A small fee will be charged for the reservation.

Location of POAS’ shared cars:

  • XOX-307: Peltolammi, the corner of Vaahterakuja 5, parking space no 1
  • XOX-306: Hervanta, Insinöörinkatu 21, Tupakkikivi parking area next to Duo shopping mall, parking space no 24

The service operator of our electric cars is a large domestic leasing company Secto Automotive. Secto Yhteiskäyttö is a online service that can be used with all devices and mobile phones, all you need is an Internet connection.

How to register as a shared car user:

1. Go to and choose English language from the bottom of the page
2. Join using code POAScar2019
3. Create a username and provide the information asked
4. System will send the username and password to provided email address
5. Log in here

Before first car rental we verify that the driver is a POAS tenant. Therefore it may take some time before the registration is verified. This delay is normally around 5–120 min during office opening hours. Outside office hours, weekends and public holidays this process can take until next weekday. For this reason, we recommend you to register during office hours if possible. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. After the verification of registration you can rent cars without any delays.

Here you’ll find pictorial instructions of the system: Driver’s manual

Price list:

7 €/1 h
14 €/1-2 h
20 €/2-3 h
25 €/3-5 h
35 €/5-8 h
40 €/8-12 h
48 €/12-23 h


How to charge the car after use:

Don’t forget to charge the car after use! In every car there are instructions for charging the battery as well as possible problematic situations. You can also see video instructions below:

Frequently asked questions:

How far can I drive with full battery?

– Car’s battery lasts about 150-300km depending on many things such as weather conditions and driving speed. Cold weather and using AC or sound system decreases the battery faster. You can find two types of charging cables inside the car. Type 2 connector is used when charging at a charging point, see the map of charging points here: Schuko connector can be used when charging from a normal home socket.

How long does it take to charge the car full?

– Also charging speed may vary depending on many factors, such as weather conditions, charging plug type and battery temperature. With Type 2 charging cable, battery charges from zero to full (0% -> 100%) in approximately 4-6 hours. Slow charging from a home socket takes at least overnight.

Secto Road service

In case of an accident or other issues on the road, Secto Road service provides phone assistance around the clock. If the issue can’t be solved via phone call, they will send a road safety professional to assist on the spot.

Tel. +358 20 792 4311

Driveco technical support
Tel. +358 500 798 534