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Living in a shared apartment

Many share their home, at least for part of their studies with others. By taking the other tenants of the flat into consideration and following a few simple rules, you and your flatmates can get more out of living in a shared apartment.

Agree together upon the ground rules of living in a shared apartment

We recommend that the tenants of a shared apartment agree upon the ground rules of the apartment every time a new tenant moves in or any of the tenants of the apartment changes. When planning the rules, it must be kept in mind that the shared apartment is the home of all those who live there! Below is a list of things on which it is advisable to set clear rules together with your flatmates.


Cleaning the common areas are the responsibility of all tenants, and if it is not taken care of properly, all tenants may have to pay for it. Agree together on how cleaning the common areas, taking out the rubbish, and washing the dishes will be taken care of. If someone moves out of the shared apartment, it should be remembered that the common areas will also be inspected during the apartment inspection. Therefore, the common areas must be in good condition at the time of the inspection.


Agree together upon the times when cooking is allowed. For instance, cooking and making noise in the kitchen very late at night or early in the morning may disturb other tenants. Also keep in mind that it is forbidden to take or borrow the ingredients or dishes of others without asking for permission first.


Agree together on when guests can come to the shared apartment. Please remember that every tenant is also responsible for any disturbance caused by their guests. Having parties is allowed as long as the times when they can be held have been agreed on together. When having a party, it should always be taken into account that the general rules of the building must also be followed. Please remember that a shared apartment is never the home or place of residence of a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is strictly forbidden to accommodate persons who are not part of the agreement in private rooms. Having temporary overnight guests should also be agreed upon with the flatmates in advance. If your life situation changes, you can apply internally for a new apartment, see more information on changing apartments within POAS here.

Private and shared property

Respect the property of others and always ask for permission if you wish to borrow someone else’s things. Tenants can agree together whether everybody can use everything or whether everybody will just use their own things. Please remember that the acquisition of a functional fire alarm and ensuring its functionality are the responsibility of all the tenants (Except for locations with a fire alarm connected to the electricity network).


If problems occur in connection with living in a shared apartment, it is advisable to always attempt discussing them with one’s flatmates first. If a person does not know that they are causing a disturbance, they cannot remedy the situation. Please keep in mind that the negligence of others does not entitle you to neglect your own duties. Living in a shared apartment requires flexibility and compromises from all the tenants. If the situation cannot be resolved by discussing the problems or if it is otherwise recurrent or serious, you can contact our office at

No pets in shared apartments

Pets are not allowed in the shared apartments. Pets are not allowed in the apartments even by common consent.