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Waste management and recycling

Waste management in our buildings

Mixed waste, bio waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal waste are recycled in all our housing complexes. You will find all waste bins in the waste collection point located in yard area of your building. Pay attention to the signboards so that you throw the waste in the correct bins.

  • Mixed waste: Dirty paper, diapers, porcelain and ceramic items, cosmetics, tobacco quilts and ash, pets’ waste, broken cassettes, CD and DVD discs, light bulbs and halogen lamps
  • Bio waste: Food waste, spoiled foods without packaging, vegetable peels, coffee grounds and filter bags, handkerchiefs and napkins, wooden cutlery, plants, grass and leaves.
    Chewing gum, tobacco quilts, liquids, ash, diapers and sanitary pads are NOT biowaste.
  • Paper: Newspapers, magazines, advertisements, envelopes, copy and output papers, telephone and product catalogs.
    Wet or dirty paper or cardboard do NOT go to paper waste.
  • CardboardCardboard boxes, milk and juice boxes, cardboard disposable containers, paper bags, wrapping paper, paper reels and egg carton.
    NO wet or dirty cardboard!
  • Plastic: Empty, clean and dry plastic packaging such as food and detergent packages, plastic bags and wraps, bottles and jars.
    NO dirty plastic packages, PVC 03 packagings or larger plastic items such as toys, dishes or buckets!
  • Glass: Empty glass jars and bottles. You don’t need to remove stickers before recycling.
    NO Crystal, ceramic and porcelain, window glass, caps of the bottles and cans, light bulbs and halogen lamps, these are mixed waste!
  • Metal: Cans, beverage cans, aluminum bins and foil, pots and frying pans, cutlery, empty paint cans and non-pressurized aerosol bottles.
    NO Electrical waste, gas cylinders nor hazardous waste!

More information of the waste management.

Items not belonging to the waste collection point of buildings

Do not leave any waste or furnitures outside the waste bins! This is strictly forbidden! It’s also strictly prohibited to leave any items or furnitures in any common areas, even with a note saying ”free to take”. Take big or non-recyclable waste to the waste stations.

Waste left in the wrong places cause a fire hazard and increases the maintenance costs of your building. NOTE! Cleaning waste from wrong places causes increased maintenance costs. If we are unable to identify the person who brought the waste, the extra costs are added into that housing complex’s waste management costs. Increased maintenance costs may lead to rent increases eventually.

If you notice someone is bringing non-recyclable waste to waste collection point, please notify POAS with disorder notification.

  • If you have items, clothes or furniture that are in good condition: Sell them in Facebook groups, marketplaces, second hand stores or ovat hyviä paikkoja myydä/lahjoittaa tavaraa netissä. There are also many self-service flea markets in Tampere. Did you know that many charity shops, such as Finnish Red Cross, accept clothes, decorative items and furniture as donations. Many recycling centres also have a pick up service if the items are in good condition.
  • Textiles: Nextiili workshop accepts clean, dry textilles like clothes, curtains and other household textiles. Permanent stains or holes don’t matter.
  • Hazardous waste: Paints, varnishes, solvents, thinners, chemicals, batteries, fluorescent tubes, etc. Take these waste to hazardous waste disposal centers or to waste facility/center. Check Repe&Romu waste collection tour schedule. The Repe&Romu tour picks up different types of waste from around Tampere.
  • Electric appliances: Televisions, radios, washing machines etc. Take electrical appliances to waste facilities or to the SER recycling points.