Online services

Tenant can register to tenant portal with digital authentication method Tupas (digital banking authentication) after which tenant can create user ID´s to the service. If you can not use Tupas authentication method you can authenticate yourself at our office with passport or ID card. After registration you can use tenant portal where you can view your rental agreement and rent balance, sent a defect notice and messages to our office or terminate your agreement. Notice! You can see your information on the service only after the starting date of your contract.

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Through flat search you can view our flats.

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To be selected as a tenant at POAS, you must first submit a flat application. Application is sent electronically and it is valid for three months, and you can renew it by contacting our office. Check out information about application process and who is eligible to apply on Find a home -page. 

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To ensure that we have all the required information in writing, please submit all notices of defects through the notification form. Please inform us even of minor problems. In urgent cases like water damages occurs or you lock yourself out, for example – contact the maintenance company’s telephone service.

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The notice period is one calendar month, as per the Act on Residential Leases. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which notice was given. For example, if you terminate your lease agreement during January, your tenancy ends on the last day of February. Read more about termination.