Downloadable forms

If the lease agreement is made with a person under the age of 18, his/her guardian must fill in Guardian’s consent form.

Security deposit form is filled by tenants in situations involving the transfer of a security deposit.  Such situations can occur if, for example, one tenant moves out while another one remains in the flat or when a joint lease agreement is replaced by separate agreements for a shared flat.

Subtenancy agreement must be made if you want to rent your whole apartment to a subtenant. Subtenancy agreement must be delivered to POAS for approval before the subtenancy begins. Any subtenants must also meet our terms – visit here for further information.

Partial subtenancy agreement must be made, when you rent only a part of your flat to a subtenant´s use. Read more information here.

Notice of termination must be filled when you want to terminate your rental agreement. You can also terminate your agreement electrically here.