Downloadable forms

If the lease agreement is made with a person under the age of 18, his/her guardian must fill in Guardian’s consent form.

If you cannot pick up the keys personally from our office, another person can pick those up for you. In these cases, they must present a written authorization form showing that they are acting on your behalf.

Security deposit form is filled by tenants in situations involving the transfer of a security deposit.  Such situations can occur if, for example, one tenant moves out while another one remains in the flat or when a joint lease agreement is replaced by separate agreements for a shared flat.

Temporary assignment of a residential apartment is filled out when you want to rent your apartment to another party temporarily. Also the temporary tenant needs to fill POAS’s tenant criteria. The temporary assignment form with its attachments are to be delivered to POAS office no later than one (1) month before the temporary assignment period begins.

Partial subtenancy agreement must be made when you rent only a part of your flat to a subtenant’s use. Read more information here.

Notice of termination must be filled when you want to terminate your rental agreement. You can also terminate your agreement electrically here.