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Changes to tenants

Changes in rental agreements, such as adding or removing parties, need to be informed to POAS office. Please see office’s contact information.

An office fee, as per the price list.

Adding a party to a lease agreement

If, during your tenancy, another person moves in with you, you need to fill out a new housing application, stating the exact address they’re moving into and the date of moving. A new lease agreement cannot be backdated. The application is submitted electronically on our website, as usual. Please notify POAS office about incoming application. Inform POAS at least one month before you would like the new tenant to be added on the contract.

Housing application

We’ll check the credit history of the person to be added. We also ask for the agreement attachments (prove of study or employment) to be provided with the application. If there is no reason for not adding another party to the agreement, New agreement will be sent to be signed, as long as there is no reason for not adding another party to the agreement. New parties are added to rental agreements in the beginning of each month.

Adding a child as a resident

Child’s name and social security number needs to be informed to POAS, so the child can be added to a list of residents for e.g. door opening matters. You can inform POAS about newborn child by sending a message via tenant portal. There is no office charges for adding children as a resident in POAS apartment.

Removing a party from a lease agreement

If you wish to terminate your part of a lease agreement, both tenants must terminate their shared agreement first!

You can terminate a lease agreement:

When submitting the termination notice, inform the office which tenant would like to continue renting the flat. If there is no reason for discontinuing the agreement, a new agreement will be sent to be signed.

If one tenant remains in the flat, the notice period is also one calendar month, as per the Act on Residential Leases. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which all parties have terminated their lease agreement. For example, if all parties terminate their lease agreement during January, your shared lease agreement ends on the last day of February!

Security deposit

If the security deposit is in the name of the person moving out, it will be returned to him/her in full, unless he/she gives permission to transfer the security deposit into the name of the remaining tenant(s). If the security deposit is returned to the person moving out, the remaining tenant(s) will have to pay a new security deposit. If the person moving out agrees to leave the security deposit in the name of the tenant(s) remaining in the flat, a written consent is required from that person.

Let POAS know how you would like the security deposit to be handled. You can inform this when terminating the agreement electronically or by filling out a security deposit form and delivering it to POAS.