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Parking spaces

All POAS parking spaces are rented from eParking service. Parking spaces are also paid directly to eParking as they invoice. You can check the prices of the parking spaces directly from their customer service, see contact information below. However, any keys for parking hall or heating poles are picked up from POAS office or, if you wish, those can be mailed to you.

NOTE! Peltokatu 33 does not have parking spaces at all.

Register to the system in

User instructions:

eParking contact information:
IGL-Technologies Oy
040 653 8556

Motor vehicles should only be parked in spaces intended for them. Parking in front of doors and in rescue route is strictly forbidden. Parking spaces are not storage for scrap vehicles or unused vehicles.

NOTE! Remember to register license plate numbers of all the vehicles that have the right to use your parking space to eParking. Please check the information of the parking supervision in your housing complex from Kodinportaali.

Cancellation of parking spaces

Terminating the rental agreement does not affect parking space contract, which has to be terminated separately in eParking system. All parking spaces have a one-month (1 calendar month) notice period. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the month in which the termination was made.

Read more about cancelling a parking space