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Parking spaces

All POAS parking spaces are rented from eParking service. Parking spaces are also paid directly to eParking as they invoice. You can check the prices of the parking spaces directly from their customer service, see contact information below. However, any keys for parking hall or heating poles are picked up from POAS office or, if you wish, those can be mailed to you.

NOTE! Peltokatu 33 does not have parking spaces at all.

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User instructions:

eParking customer service:
Tel. +358 34 108 9272

Motor vehicles should only be parked in spaces intended for them. Parking in front of doors and in rescue route is strictly forbidden. Parking spaces are not storage for scrap vehicles or unused vehicles.

NOTE! Remember to register license plate numbers of all the vehicles that have the right to use your parking space to eParking. Please check the information of the parking supervision in your housing complex from Kodinportaali.

Cancellation of parking spaces

Terminating the rental agreement does not affect parking space contract, which has to be terminated separately in eParking system. All parking spaces have a one-month (1 calendar month) notice period. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the month in which the termination was made.

Read more about cancelling a parking space

New contract terms valid from 1 Jan 2023

This contract pertains to the parking space of vehicles managed by the landlord

If the parking space has a heating pole, tenants are entitled to connect a car heater of a maximum of 1200 W, compliant with regulations, to the heating system using an authorized supply line. For an additional fee, a space heater can be connected if the combined power of the motor and space heater does not exceed 3600 W. Space heaters cannot be reserved for the winter season only. The fee covers the entire year.

Changing the type of parking space costs 15 €/change (e.g., when changing a space heater space to a regular space.)

Parking spaces with continuous heating (24/7) cost more.

The fee for parking spaces is generally reviewed annually on March 1st. If you have made the parking payment in advance for the period following March, any increases will come into effect at the start of the next term of payment.

The parking space contract takes effect on the agreed date once you have accepted these terms and paid for the parking space. The charge for the parking space is always the entire month’s rent, even if the space is not used immediately at the beginning of the month. This contract is concluded and cancelled separately from the lease of the apartment. All parking spaces have a one-month (1 calendar month) notice period. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the month in which the cancellation was made. Residents must cancel their own parking space contracts in the eParking system in compliance with the terms mentioned above. The right of use of the parking space ends on the last day of the month, even if the resident(s) have the right to use the apartment after the day in question. The contract ends automatically without notice if the parking fee has not been paid within two weeks (2 weeks) of the due date. Parking control wardens have the right to fine vehicles in unpaid spaces.

When you sign the contract, you commit to making the agreed payments. If you no longer need the parking space before the contract ends, the landlord is not liable to cancel the contract or issue any compensation for the period paid in advance. Example: You pay for a parking space for six (6) months. If you no longer need the parking space after four (4) months, the two remaining months will not be compensated for.

If you redeem a permit for a parking area that uses a parking permit system (Ritakatu), please note that it does not guarantee a free parking space but gives you the right to park when there are spaces available.

The tenant is responsible for keeping the space clean (e.g. oil leaks). The landlord shall keep the space fit for use and maintain and repair the heating system at their own expense, provided that no faults have been caused by the tenant. The landlord is entitled to charge the tenant for any costs arising from repairing/cleaning the parking space due to faults caused by the tenant.

The landlord reserves the right to cancel the parking space with one month’s notice being supplied. This stipulation can be activated if the vehicle causes unreasonable harm to other users, the environment, or the area’s maintenance, or otherwise causes unreasonable aesthetic harm, and the person who is renting the parking space has not initiated any of the required measures despite being requested to do so. The situations mentioned above include vehicles which may be leaking fluids over the parking area and vehicles that are not suitable for use in traffic (examples of road unworthiness include, for example, vehicles that have suffered a crash, or which have not been fully inspected as required, or which have been withdrawn from use).

Tenants may assign right of use of the paid parking space to several vehicles, but the lease itself cannot be transferred to a third party without consent from the landlord. Among other things, this means that the person renting the parking space is always responsible for its use.

If the lease on your apartment ends, and your lease on the parking space is still in effect, the landlord has the right to cancel your parking space lease with the notice of one (1) month.

If the resident is already leasing one parking space in addition to this one, this contract is cancelled if someone with no parking space in the building in question requests this parking space. The contract is cancelled at the beginning of the month following the notice of cancellation.

The landlord has the right to cancel the lease of a parking space with the notice of one (1) month without stating a reason if they wish to do so.

The keys to the parking spaces can be picked up from POAS office (Sorsapuisto 1, 33500 Tampere) excluding Vaahterakuja 1 and Vaahterakuja 3–9, where heating poles are accessed by the apartment key, and Ritakatu 3 and 13, where there are no heating poles. See the office’s opening hours and possible exceptions on POAS website

The fee for any unreturned heating pole keys is 5 euros/key. Other unreturned keys will be charged according to the valid price list. An office fee according to the valid price list shall also be charged for the order.