The key is for personal use only, and tenant is responsible for it.

Handover of keys

The keys can be picked up after 12pm on the first day of tenancy, or on the following business day, if the tenancy begins during weekend or public holiday. If the apartment is empty and ready to move in, the rental agreement may begin earlier.

When picking up keys, you must bring an ID and a receipt of the payment of the security deposit. If someone else picks the keys up for you, they must present the receipt and a letter of attorney.

Duplicating keys

Having duplicate keys made is not permitted. Each tenant is responsible for the keys handed over to them. If at the end of the tenancy, a tenant does not return all original keys handed over to them at the beginning of the tenancy, a sum equivalent to the cost of re-keying the locks of the apartment will be deducted from the security deposit. If the deposit does not cover all the cost, the tenant will receive a separate invoice.

Returning keys

When your rental agreement ends, you must return the keys to POAS office before 12pm on the first business day after the end of your tenancy. If the keys are not returned before 12pm, a fee will be collected as shown on price list.  Nowadays there is also a letterbox on the front door of our office for returning keys. If you wish to return your keys to the box, you need to provide us a confirmation of returned keys by email.

Vertical letterbox is located on the upper part of the door.

How to return keys to the letterbox:

  • Put all the keys in an envelope, plastic bag or similar package. You have to return all keys you have received, and missing keys will be charged as per current price list. Remember to include the address of the apartment inside the package. Close the package carefully and bring it to the letterbox before the deadline.
  • Write an email with following information:
      – Your first name and family name
      – Address of the apartment
      – Number of keys returned
      – Mention if you return a key or token of a parking space / hall
      – Returning date and time
  • Send the email to us: toimisto(a)

We will send you a confirmation email when we have received your keys.

Lost keys

If you lose your key, inform POAS office immediately. We will have new keys made, and hand them over only to the main tenant or a person authorised with a letter of attorney. Costs for replacing lost keys and/or re-keying locks, will be collected from the tenant as shown on updated price list.

The patent protection for the Abloy Exec key type is no longer in force. However, we do not accept keys that are made by unapproved operators. If the tenant does not return all original keys handed over to them, we will always re-key the locks.

Opening the door

If you lock yourself out and need the door to be opened, contact the maintenance company responsible for your housing complex. Please note that they cannot provide you with new keys; if you lose your key, also contact our office.