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Disorder notification

If someone in your building is causing disturbance, fill in the disorder notification.

Disorder notification form

How to proceed if someone is causing disturbance

If someone is causing disturbance, you should first try to speak with the person. It is possible that the person was not aware of disturbing anyone. You can also discuss the matter with other neighbours first and then take it up with the source of the disturbance together. Anonymous letters and aggressive behaviour seldom have the desired effect. If you have talked to the source of the disturbance but the disturbing behaviour continues or the person is aggressive or acts in a threatening way, notify our office through disorder notification form. Depending on the situation, contact the police.

Disorder notifications should always be submitted in writing, complete with the notifier’s or notifiers’ contact details. A disorder notification can be informal, but it should include a detailed description and time(s) of the disturbance. The notification should be delivered to our office by completing and submitting the disorder notification form. Please note that we cannot act on anonymous notifications. The contact information will not be given forward for example to the one causing disturbance.


No-one should have to put up with vandalism. It is every tenant’s responsibility to notify POAS of any vandalism. Vandals are always liable for any damage they cause. If a case remains unsolved, the costs are paid by the tenants through their rent payments. With both disturbances and vandalism, keep in mind that human safety always comes first. Material and financial matters are secondary.