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From one apartment to another

When life situations or individual needs change, there’s often a need for new apartment as well. Moving to a new apartment within POAS is convenient, since we are flexible with moving schedule and termination notice period. If you would like to move from a POAS apartment to another, you need to provide us an housing application. Application can be submitted electronically through our website, as usual.

Housing application

The need for a flat and the urgency of the need are taken into consideration when changing flats, too. Tenants cannot agree upon exchanging flats between themselves or advertise the apartment they are about to vacate to other people. All tenant selections and agreement-related matters are handled at the POAS office. Since 1st of April 2016, an office fee, as per the price list valid at any given time, is charged for changing apartment.

When moving from one flat to another, the move can be scheduled flexibly and the security deposit for the current apartment can be transferred to the new one. Kela’s old security deposits can not be transferred.