Environmental liability

For us, environmental liability means assuming responsibility for the environmental impacts incurred by our own operations. The control of these impacts is linked as part of POAS management and onwards through the daily functions of our company. This implies that the POAS Board of Directors, management team and every employee are committed to giving close consideration to environmental issues in their own work. We maintain this by offering everyone who works for us knowledge, training and other tools for the control and advancement of environmental issues.  Our goal is to also increase the environmental awareness of our residents and demand, from all of our partners, commitment to environmental matters that is in line with our own values.

POAS is obligated, in accordance with the national Ecocompass system, to develop the management of environmental issues as well as observe its criteria in our operations. During the initial Ecocompass mapping phase, we identified the environmental impacts of our business operations.  On the basis of the significance of these environmental impacts and the firm’s own potential for influence, the priority areas were selected for the three-year (2018–2020) environmental programme: reduction of energy (water- and heating-based energy) consumption, waste management, and environmental communications. Our target is to improve current practices and also find entirely new operational models within the environmental programme, in order to achieve the goals mentioned. By continuous development in environmental matters and the preservation of levels achieved by acting in accordance with our principles, we will also ensure excellent functional prerequisites in the future.