Furnished apartments

We provide furnished apartments for temporary accommodation needs. Furnished apartments are located in Vaaterakuja 5 (Peltolammi area) and Ritakatu 13 E-J (Ruotula). You can find the layout and other photos of the apartments from our apartment search.

All our furnished apartments are shared. These are particularly suited for people who will stay in Finland for 6 months or less. If you need housing in Finland for a longer period, you can submit an application for POAS but you are not applicable for the furnished apartments.

You can see the rent of shared apartments in the apartment search. The rent includes water, electricity and Internet. In addition, there is a fee of 15,00€/month for furnishings. This fee is added to the basic rent shown in the search page, and it includes the use of following items in the apartment:

In the bedroom:

In the kitchen (shared):

In the common area of the apartment (shared):

Applying for housing

Shared apartments are applied similarly than all POAS apartments, by filling out the application form on our website.
When applying for an apartment, please indicate the following in your application:

Lease term

Furnished apartments always come with a fixed-term lease. Due to the temporary nature of the lease, the rental agreement cannot be terminated without reason specified in the Finnish legislation (the Act on Renting an Apartment). The fixed-term lease period will last at least 3 months.


The keys are picked up from our office located in Sorsapuisto 1, 33500 Tampere. Please see more information about picking up the keys: poas.fi/en/keys/

NOTE! If a tutor collects the keys, they must present a written authorization form showing that they are acting on your behalf.

Security deposit

A security deposit is required if/when you have received and accepted the housing offer. A receipt for the security deposit payment must be submitted to the landlord upon delivery of the keys at the latest.

No interest is paid on the security. The deposit is returned to the customer’s bank account within three weeks after their keys have been returned or after the apartment has been vacated, unless some (or all) of the security has been withheld. Upon termination of the contract, the apartment will be inspected. For this reason, it is important that you notify us of your account number upon termination of the lease. (Fixed-term contracts have no notice period, so the account number must be given separately).


If you have any questions, you can contact our office. See contact information here: poas.fi/en/contact/

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