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Maintenance companies

Urgent matters

In urgent cases, contact your building’s maintenance company immediately. Matters are urgent if they need to be handled immediately, such as water damages. Maintenance companies’ telephone services are available 24 hours a day. You can find the contact information of your housing complex by providing your address to the search function below.

Please note that the phone numbers of maintenance companies may be subject to a charge.

Use your address to find the phone number for your maintenance company:

Non-urgent matters

Non-urgent matters, that need fixing or maintenance, need to be informed to POAS by submitting a Notice of Defects form. You can submit the form by clicking the link below.

Fill in the notice of defects

Submit the Notice of defects as soon as you notice a fault. Failure to do so might make you liable for damages. Please inform us even of minor problems, so that we can prevent the problem from expanding.

Please mention in the form, whether the maintenance professional is allowed to enter your apartment with a master key. If a master key cannot be used to enter the apartment, inform us when you will be home to open the door for maintenance staff. We kindly ask you to inform also about pets or any other things that may affect the apartment visits.

Our tenant guide includes a responsibility chart, which you can refer to see who is responsible for the costs and performance of different tasks.