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Moving out

From this page you will find information on moving out from POAS’s apartment.

Final cleaning

When moving out, the apartment must be cleaned thoroughly and entirely before returning the keys. Please see more detailed instructions below. If the tenant neglects to carry out the final cleaning, the lessor has the right to charge the cleaning costs from tenant in accordance with the price list.

Instructions on final cleaning and apartment inspection

If there are items or furnitures left in the apartment after moving out, these are charged from the tenant according to the price list. Items can only be left in the apartment if it has been agreed with the new tenant of the apartment. Please ask the future tenant to notify our customer service about this in writing. This way the new tenant will have the responsibility of the items, and the previous tenant moving out will not be charged for leaving them behind in the apartment.

If following equipment have been installed in your apartment during your stay, these must be left in the apartment when moving out (POAS does not refund the costs), as they cannot be removed without leaving marks or traces:

  • Blinds of the windows or balcony doors, since there are holes in the frames
  • Safety locks, door chains and other safety equipment
  • Window keys
  • Hooks, wall mirrors and hangers


Preliminary inspection

After the rental agreement is terminated, our apartment inspector will carry out a preliminary inspection of the apartment. The aim of this inspection is to evaluate the apartment’s current condition and possible renovation needs. We will inform you of the time of the inspection beforehand. Tenant’s presence during the inspection is not required.

After moving out of the apartment, the final inspection of the apartment is carried out. Usually this is done by the next tenant, and sometimes by our apartment inspector. If repair works have to be carried out in the apartment in order to ensure that its condition is the same as before the tenant moved in, the lessor will withhold the charged sum of the repairs from the security deposit. Costs caused by normal wear will not be deducted from the security deposit.

Returning keys

When your rental agreement ends, you must return the keys to POAS office or the letterbox of the office before 12pm on the first business day after the end of your rental agreement. If some keys are missing or those are returned after 12pm, a fee will be collected as shown on price list. More information of the returning can be found from keys.

Refunding the security deposit

Security deposit cannot be used to cover unpaid rent during tenancy; it cannot be touched at all before the end of the rental agreement. POAS refunds the security deposit to the tenant’s bank account within three (3) weeks of the tenant returning the keys, or after a potential new inspection when the apartment is vacated, unless it is necessary to make deductions from the deposit. Usually the security deposit is refunded on the 15th day of each month. Read more information on security deposit.