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Our values and strategy


Customer orientation – Quality – Responsibility

Everyone in the organisation understands what our values mean in our service provision, the condition of our housing, and the construction of new homes. We know that we know how!

Our customer orientation is quite visible. The needs of our customers are always our first priority. Our services are in digital format on the web and in personal, face-to-face format at our service centre. The customer has the choice. We provide services flexibly in accordance with our customers’ life circumstances.

Quality and responsibility walk hand-in-hand. Quality is visible in our services as well as in living comfort. We are responsible for it. Responsibility is also seen in the active development of the organisation’s well-being at work.

STRATEGY 2022–2026

Values ​​and strategy guide our daily operations, and the implementation of the strategy is monitored annually with various indicators. Strategy for 2022-2026 was designed in cooperation with the company’s Board of Directors, CEO and the representatives of employees.


“The task of Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy (POAS) is to establish housing for students at educational institutions operating in Pirkanmaa as well as for young people working there, together with the advancement and improvement of their residential circumstances.”

Our task is clear – the establishment of housing for students and young working people in addition to the advancement and improvement of their residential circumstances. We have produced high-quality accommodation and flexible services since 1966.


“Our vision is to be the most trusted, most quality-committed producer of residential services for students and young working people in Pirkanmaa and a constantly developing housing provider.”

Cost-effective operations establish the foundation and framework for the continuous advancement of our services. We direct the resources of our economy well. The financial foundation of our vision is in good shape. We will be Pirkanmaa’s best producer of residential services targeted towards young people and students.