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When moving

Are you moving in or out? From this page you can find a checklist of everything you need to remember when moving.

Before moving:

  • Terminate all agreements such as electricity and Internet from your previous apartment.
  • Clean the previous apartment thoroughly and return the keys on time.
  • Submit a notification of moving
  • If you want to get rid of extra items or old furniture, remember to recycle them properly.

When moving to POAS:

  • Pay the security deposit before picking up the keys, you will receive an invoice from POAS
  • Familiarize yourself with POAS’s online services
  • Register to POAS tenant portal with digital authentication method (online banking authentication). If you can’t use digital authentication method, you can authenticate yourself at POAS office with passport or ID card.
  • Fill in a moving-in inspection in tenant portal within seven (7) days from the start date of your rental agreement
  • Follow POAS’s social media channels for latest news, tenant information and win prizes!
  • Get a home insurance or move your home insurance from your previous apartment to the new one

When moving out of POAS apartment: