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Payment of rent and rent collection

The date for rent payment is usually the 5th day of every month or the following business day. At the beginning of your tenancy, you will receive a compilation invoice with the due dates for the rent payments until the end of February of the following year. Rents are reviewed annually, and new invoices are sent to tenants every year in November or December. Please inform rent collection if you have not received new invoices by 31st of December.

View your rent balance, invoices and payment history in tenant portal.

Tenant portal

Trouble paying rent?

If you have trouble with paying the rent, contact rent collection immediately. If you contact us in time, we can be flexible with the payment schedule and draw up a payment plan with you.

If you do not contact rent collection and do not pay the rent despite payment reminders sent by us, we will begin debt collection proceedings through Intrum. After the debt collection has been assigned to Intrum and you have received a reminder letter from them, you are to agree upon payments only with Intrum as instructed in the letter.

Contact us: Send a message to POAS in tenant portal.