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Tenant guide

Tenant guide includes all the essential information about living with POAS. It is each tenant’s obligation to read through it. Read this section thoroughly! As you sign your rental agreement, you also commit to following the guidelines and advices in the tenant guide.

General information

In POAS apartments, water, heating, Internet connection, Elisa cable TV and electricity (except Nuolialantie 48, where tenant needs to make their own electricity contract) is included in the rent. We welcome pets in all studios (1h in apartment search), 1-bedroom apartments (2h in apartment search) and 2-bedroom-apartments (3h). Pets are not allowed in shared apartments or in shared apartments with a common entrance.

Apartment types, layouts and detailed information of each building can be found from our apartment search.

Home insurance

Make sure you have a valid home insurance when moving to a new apartment! You need your own home insurance to cover the belongings inside your apartment. POAS’s property insurance covers the building’s structures and fixed furnishings only. Tenants’ own furnishings and belongings are covered by tenants’ own home insurance only. In addition, POAS’s property insurance does not cover damage caused by the tenants’ furnishings or equipment. Damages resulting, for example, from broken fish tank, washing machine or similar, can only be reimbursed from tenants’ own home insurance.


Information concerning the handover and returning of keys as well as what to do if you lose your key. If you lock yourself out and need door opening service, contact the maintenance company of your housing complex.

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Living in a shared apartment

From this section, you will find instructions on living in a shared aparment.

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Take care of your apartment

It is a tenant’s responsibility to clean and take care of the apartment during living. From this section you will find detailed instructions.

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Any costs resulting from the tenant’s carelessness, improper handling or negligence will be charged from the tenant according to the price list. An up-to-date list of fees.

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Share of responsibilities

The table on the share of responsibilities clarifies questions regarding the maintenance and repair of the apartments. It is tenant’s responsibility to clean and take care of the apartment.

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Waste management and recycling

Mixed waste, bio waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal waste are recycled in our housing complexes. Find out more about recycling from this section.

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General rules

Here you can find the general rules and regulations of POAS. By signing a rental agreement, you agree to abide by these rules.

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Downloadable forms

From here you will find downloadable forms for transferring the security deposits, termination notice, and guardian’s consent as well as subleasing or temporary assignment of apartments.

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Legal information

Legal information related to renting an apartment. From this section, you find information of tenants’ legal rights and responsibilities.

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