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Price list

Tenant charge sheet, valid from 1st of March 2018

The tenant is responsible for taking care of the apartment they have rented. The tenant takes care of and maintains the apartment and notifies the landlord of any faults and defects. Any costs resulting from the tenant’s carelessness, improper handling or negligence will be charged from the tenant according to this charge sheet.

Note! The tenant is not liable for so-called normal wear and tear (1). It is the tenant’s responsibility to read the instructions provided by POAS, so not being aware of the rules does not remove the liability to compensate for damages. More information on the tenant’s responsibilities can be found in the POAS tenant guide.

The prices on the sheet are often lower than the actual repair charges and POAS reserves the right to charge the tenant the actual cost of the repairs. For example, the costs of repairs done outside of regular working hours are significantly higher. POAS reserves the right to make changes to the price list. You can download price list as a PDF file from here.

1 Normal wear and tear is the result of the apartment being used for what it is meant for, living. A broken toilet seat, cracked sink or hole in the wall do not count as normal wear and tear. Damages caused by pets do not count as normal wear and tear either. Darkened areas on walls behind furniture, faded colors on materials due to sunshine, etc. are examples of normal wear and tear.

Basis for charge Euros
Office fee
The office fee is added to the bill to cover the administrative costs resulting from changes in the agreement, serialisation of the apartment lock, and key orders. 20,00 €
Installation work
Installation work, maintenance work / hour 50,00 €
Heating, plumbing, ventilation, electricity installation work / hour 60,00 €
Cleaning / hour 30,00 €
Keys and locks
Keys not returned according to instructions (e.g., returned late or left in the apartment) 50,00 €
Charge for opening the door
  • The maintenance company charges the tenant according to their own price list.
  • An unpaid invoice transferred to POAS, plus handling cost, will be charged from the client.
as invoiced
The wrong type of key forced into the lock, causing damage to the lock cylinder (e.g., an Abloy key in iLOQ-lock) as invoiced
Abloy - Lock serialisation cost In cells, the new keys to other rooms are added to the price (à 30 € per key) Please note that returning the wrong key will automatically lead to serialisation of the apartment’s lock. 280,00 €
- Extra key(Abloy) 30,00 €
iLOQ - Re-programming of iLOQ-lock, including visit from the lock company 100,00 €
- Extra or lost iLOQ-key 25,00 €
- Returning a broken iLOQ-key, key unusable 25,00 €
Emptying and cleaning the entire apartment, including waste disposal fees 300,00 €
Emptying and cleaning one room, including waste disposal fees 150,00 €
Cleaning the stove/oven 50,00 €
Cleaning the refrigerator and defrosting the freezer 50,00 €
Cleaning the windows Hourly charge
Removing a large item (e.g., bed, sofa, bookshelf, washing machine), waste disposal fees included. €/ piece. 75,00 €
Removing smaller items (e.g., lamp, mirror, small chair) 30,00 €
Cleaning an uncleared storage unit 50,00 €
Items left in the staircase or by the waste bins will be charged for according to the maintenance work hours and waste disposal fees as invoiced
Heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical devices/installation work
Plugging a water inlet or outlet (e.g., dishwasher connections) 50,00 €
Sink 110,00 €
Toilet seat 350,00 €
Replacing a light switch, wall socket 50,00 €
Replacing a ceiling socket 50,00 €
Replacing a network connection box, aerial socket 50,00 €
Unnecessary maintenance visit (tenant’s own device is faulty) 50,00 €
Puttying and painting one wall 100,00 €
Painting the ceiling / a room 200,00 €
Painting the walls in one room 100,00 €
1 room + kitchen, painting the walls 300,00 €
2 rooms + kitchen, painting the walls 400,00 €
3 rooms + kitchen, painting the walls 500,00 €
Special paintwork (e.g., to remove cigarette smell) as invoiced
Floor repairs
Replacing floor material as invoiced
Skirting boards/room 100,00 €
Repairing the carpet 75,00 €
Repairing laminate or vinyl floor as invoiced
Apartment inner doors
Flush door 90,00 €
Soundproof door 250,00 €
Replacing a door frame 120,00 €
Repairing a sliding door 50,00 €
Sauna glass door 150,00 €
Replacing a sliding door 250,00 €
Apartment front door
Replacing a door frame 150,00 €
Replacing a door as invoiced
Windows, balcony and terrace doors, door windows
Windows, balcony and terrace doors, door windows as invoiced
Appliance damage caused by tenant
Asukkaan aiheuttamat vahingot kodinkoneille as invoiced
Replacing a wardrobe/kitchen cabinet door 100,00 €
Abovementioned cabinet installed 250,00 €
Bathroom cabinet mirror door 50,00 €
Mirror cabinet 150,00 €
Dishwasher cabinet installation 50,00 €
Fire alarm repair
Repair of removed/breaked alarm /
a mains-powered fire alarm
65,00 €
Repair of removed/breaked alarm /
a smoke detector of an automatic fire alarm
100,00 €
An unnecessary maintenance visit (due to, e.g., empty batteries) related to fire alarm (tenant’s responsibility). 50,00 €
A fire alarm caused by, e.g., the tenant’s careless cooking, resulting in an unnecessary visit by the fire brigade. 300,00 €
Special cases
Damage caused by the tenant’s carelessness or negligence (e.g., water damage, vandalism, repeated damaging of a certain item, etc.) as invoiced