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Price list

Tenant is responsible for taking care of the apartment they have rented. The tenant takes care of and maintains the apartment and notifies the landlord of any faults and defects. Any costs resulting from the tenant’s carelessness, improper handling or negligence will be charged from the tenant according to this charge sheet.
It is the tenant’s responsibility to read the instructions provided by POAS, so not being aware of the rules does not remove the liability to compensate for damages. More information on the tenant’s responsibilities can be found in the POAS tenant guide.

The prices on the sheet are often lower than the actual repair charges and POAS reserves the right to charge the tenant the actual cost of the repairs. For example, the cost of repairs done outside of regular working hours is significantly higher. POAS reserves the right to make changes to the price list.

Repair needs caused by the tenant’s own actions or negligence, or repair needs not specifically mentioned in this price list, will be charged according to the realized costs.

Note! The tenant is not liable for so-called normal wear and tear. Natural/normal wear and tear is the result when the apartment has been used for its normal purpose, living. A broken toilet seat, cracked sink or hole in the wall do not count as normal wear and tear. Damage caused by pets does not count as normal wear and tear. Darkened areas on walls behind furniture, faded colors on materials due to sunshine, etc. are examples of normal wear and tear.

*) See the fire alarms and detectors of your apartment from our tenant guide.

Tenant charge sheet, valid from 1st of March 2023:

Basis for charge Euros
Office fee
The office fee is added to the bill to cover the administrative costs resulting from changes in the agreement, serialisation of the apartment lock, and key orders 25,00 €
Keys and locks
Keys returned late (max 3h) 75,00 €
Keys returned late (over 3 hours) 150,00 €
iLOQ keys
  • Lost keys (Re-programming of iLOQ-lock, including visit from the lock company)
120,00 € + 30,00 € / key
  • iLOQ key (e.g. extra key, broken key)
30,00 € / pc
  • Renewing a broken iLOQ lock (the key broken purposefully, e.g. inserting the wrong type of key into the iLOQ lock)
as invoiced
Key of the car heating pole 5,00 €
Key of the parking hall as invoiced
Other keys as invoiced
Cleaning fees
Cleaning work (hourly charge), invoiced based on the amount of work done 35,00 €
Emptying and cleaning one room or entire apartment, invoiced based on the amount of work done as invoiced
Removing small items (e.g. lights, mirror or similar) 30,00 € / pc
Removing large items (e.g. bed, table, couch, bookshelf or similar) 75,00 € / pc
Emptying an uncleaned storage unit 50,00 € + waste disposal fees
Cleaning the stove/oven 50,00 €
Defrosting and cleaning of the refridgerator 50,00 €
Window cleaning, incl. window gaps and frames (invoiced based on the amount of work done) 35,00 € / h
Items left in the common areas or outside waste collection point will be charged based on the working hours and waste disposal fees as invoiced
Maintenance work (hourly charge), invoiced based on the amount of work done 50,00 € / h
Unnecessary maintenance visit (fault e.g. in the tenant's own equipment or device which is tenant's own responsibility)
  • Weekdays between 8.00am and 4.00pm
50,00 €
  • Other times (on-call maintenance)
as invoiced
  • Clogging of the water outlet or inlet pipe (dishwasher and washing machine connections)
75,00 €
  • Sink
110,00 €
  • Toilet seat
500,00 €
  • Opening a severe drain blockage caused by tenant
as invoiced
  • Refridgerator
500,00 €
  • Stove/oven
350,00 €
  • Stove hood
as invoiced
  • Missing light switch, socket, lamp socket, ethernet socket, plug or similar
50,00 €
Fire alarms*
Broken/disconnected fire alarm connected to the electric network 50,00 €
Broken/disconnected automatic fire detector (connected to the emergency center 150,00 €
False fire or fault alarm caused by the tenants's own actions (e.g. careless cooking) resulting in a visit by the fire department and/or maintenance staff. 250,00 €
Other repairs
Puttying and painting one wall 100,00 €
Painting the ceiling in one room 200,00 €
Painting the walls in one room 250,00 €
Studio apartment (1h), painting the walls 500,00 €
One-bedroom-apartment (2h), painting the walls 700,00 €
Two-bedroom-apartment (3h), painting the walls 900,00 €
Special painting work (e.g. due to smoking, pet damage) as invoiced
Replacing floor materials / room 750,00 €
Floor moldings / room 150,00 €
Patching/repairing plastic flooring (if possible) 100,00 €
Patching/repairing vinyl or laminate flooring (if possible) 200,00 €
Doors inside the apartment
  • Room door
100,00 €
  • Soundproof door
275,00 €
  • Replacing the door frame (including moldings)
120,00 €
  • Repairing the door frame by puttying and painting
75,00 €
  • Sauna's glass door
150,00 €
  • Main door of the apartment + frame
as invoiced
Windows, balcony doors, balcony glass windows as invoiced
  • Replacing a kitchen cabinet door
100,00 €
  • Replacing a room closet door
100,00 €
  • Replacing a kitchen cabinet or closet in the room
as invoiced
  • Installation of dishwasher cabinet
50,00 €
  • Renewing the side panels of refridgerator
75,00 €
  • Toilet or bathroom's mirror cabinet door
50,00 €