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General rules

By signing a rental agreement, you agree to abide by POAS’s general rules. The rules apply to all our housing complexes. Repeated failure to comply with the general rules and regulations may lead to termination of the rental agreement. Rules are created in cooperation with our tenant committees.

General rules:

  1. POAS must immediately be notified of any tenants moving in or out of the building so that they can be recorded in the resident list.
  2. Activities that disturb the peace of the tenants in your apartment, the shared spaces, and the yard areas are forbidden. Silence must be respected between 10pm and 7am from Sunday to Thursday, and 11pm-7am on Friday and Saturday. Any complaints must be made in writing.
  3. Sounds that cause structure-borne noise, such as drilling, are allowed between 8am and 8pm on weekdays, and 12pm-6pm on weekends.
  4. Dusting carpets, bedding, rugs etc. is allowed on the outdoor carpet rack from Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm. Do not reserve the rack for a longer period of time than what it takes to clean a carpet or other textiles.
  5. All manner of dusting is forbidden on balconies and in staircases. Drying your laundry and storing goods on balconies is allowed only below the rail level.
  6. Airing apartments by leaving the door(s) to the staircases open is forbidden.
  7. Trash, waste and papers must be taken to the appropriate containers. The lids of these containers must be kept closed at all times. Tenants are responsible for taking any items unsuitable for the waste container to a rubbish dump.
  8. Cleanliness and order must be followed in the shared spaces and the equipment and movables in them must be handled appropriately. When leaving the shared spaces, lights must be turned off and the doors closed.
  9. Storing goods in the staircases and basement corridors is forbidden.
  10. Only sports equipment that is actually being used can be stored in the sports equipment storage. Everyone has to make sure that bicycles, skis and other similar equipment are in an appropriate order.
  11. Smoking, unauthorized stay, and playing in the staircases and other shared spaces is forbidden.
  12. Parking cars in the yard areas of the building is forbidden. Only necessary maintenance drive to the building plot is allowed. Cars must be kept in the parking area. Washing vehi-cles on the plot and in the parking area is forbidden.
  13. Tenants who are responsible for damaging property are obligated to report this to our office as well as to compensate for the caused damage.
  14. Different kinds of leaks in pipes and toilet appliances or their malfunctioning must be reported to the maintenance personnel immediately. Damages to electrical, water, drainage, and heating equipment caused by the tenant’s negligence must be compensated by the tenant.
  15. Use of open fire, as well as storing flammable and explosive substances in the shared spaces and storages, is forbidden. Using a gas grill on balconies is forbidden. A gas grill can only be used in apartments that have their own backyard. However, using an electric grill is allowed on balconies.
  16. If a tenant asks the maintenance personnel to open a door to a staircase or an apartment, he/she must pay the fee requested by the maintenance company. If asked, the tenant must provide proof of identity.
  17. Bringing pets into sauna, club room or other common spaces is not permitted. Pet owners must make sure that the pets do not make the building’s shared spaces or yard areas dirty, and that they do not disturb the other residents. Pets are not allowed in shared apartments or in shared apartments with common hallway.
  18. Feeding birds on the balcony or outdoor yard of the apartment/room as well as all outdoor facilities of the housing complex is strictly forbidden.
  19. Mounting plates and the like on the walls or doors, as well as installing antennas etc., is allowed only with explicit permission from our office.
  20. All POAS properties are smoke-free and smoking in the building is strictly prohibited. On the basis of the lease agreement, the ban on smoking includes the facilities in the tenant’s possession: the apartment/room, the balcony of the apartment/room, and any outdoor yard. The smoking ban is also in effect in joint outdoor facilities managed by the housing community, in the vicinity of the building’s entrances and air inlets, on the children’s playground, and on shared balconies. Smoking is permitted only in a specifically designated place, on the yard of the building, if the building can designate such a place.
  21. In addition to the above rules, tenants must follow all the general laws, decrees, rules and regulations of the city or municipality, as well as the decisions made in the tenants’ meeting.