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Who is eligible?

POAS´s flats are rented to students at the schools in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region, as well as to working people under 30 years of age. When two people apply for a flat together, only one has to meet the conditions.

Students must be engaged in full-time studies aiming at a degree, and the studies must be approved for the payment of study grant. Studies preparing for basic degrees, apprentice studies, other studies that Kela does not pay a study grant for, and studies aimed at adults generally do not entitle you to a flat at POAS (unless you are also a working person under 30 years of age).

Some of our flats are primarily intended for students. If the building is primarily intended for students you will find that information on every building´s information on flat search page.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible, contact our office!

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The application process

Submitting an application

To be selected as a tenant at POAS, you must first submit a flat application. Application is sent electronically. Applying immediately available apartments happens also via application. Check out the application process steps 1-4 before submitting an application.

Application form

Your application is valid for three months, and you can renew it by telephone or e-mail. Don’t forget to renew your application in good time. You can also notify our office of any changes (add a desired housing complex, for example) – a new application is not required. However, if you wish to make many changes or add people to your application, it is easiest to submit a new application. If you send a new application, your previous application expires automatically.

Notice! Make sure to study through our apartments carefully before you apply! If you refuse an apartment offered to you that fits your criteria, it lowers your chances to get another offer from us in the future.

The appendices to your application do not need to be submitted until we offer you an apartment. (See Appendices to your application). However, please note that the appendices are required for an agreement to be signed.


Tenant selection and flat offer

Lease agreements are most often terminated at the end of the month. New tenants are selected for flats about to be vacated on a continuous basis. We check every applicant’s credit history before offering a flat. A clean record is not necessarily required for you to be offered a flat; each case is reviewed individually.

POAS do not have queues or waiting lists. We take the urgency of and the reason for the need for a flat into consideration when selecting tenants.  We take on consideration also  ARA-apartments asset limits (only in Finnish).

Flat offers are mainly sent by e-mail. 

When you receive a flat offer, you have an opportunity to see the offered flat before making a decision, as per the instructions accompanying the offer. A flat offer is usually valid for 2–5 business days, depending on the situation.


Accepting a flat

If you accept a flat offered to you, inform the person who offered the flat directly or contact our office. During holiday seasons, e-mail offers may include instructions for you to inform someone else of your acceptance or to send your acceptance to the general e-mail address for the office.

Please inform us also if you don´t accept the apartment so we can offer it to somebody else. Also inform us if you want to continue, delete or edit your application.

At this point, you should also acquire the appendices needed for the lease agreement. (See Appendices to your application)

The amount of the security deposit depends on the size of the apartment and it is paid before the beginning of the tenancy to the lessor’s bank account (shared flats €200, studios/two-room apartments €300 and three-room apartments €450). Notice: You will get a separate invoice of the security deposit!

Receipt of the payment of the security deposit to the landlord must be presented to the landlord, no later than when the keys are handed over.



Appendices to your application

Students are required to prove that they are currently studying by presenting one of the following:

  • a certificate of studies from your school, dated no more than three months ago
  • a student admission letter from your school, accepted until the date your studies begin
  • Kela’s valid decision on the payment of a study grant, including the name of the student and the school
  • a student card that includes the name of the student and the school and has a valid year tag, granted by a students’ union.

Working people shall present one of the following:

  • the latest wage slip for a period of a month
  • a valid employment contract