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POAS’s rental apartments are directed to students studying in Pirkanmaa region as well as entrepreneurs and employed people under the age of 30. Please read the application instructions below before submitting the housing application.

If you are unsure whether you fill the tenant criteria, please find out your eligibility in advance before applying. If you have questions concerning the application process, you can contact our customer service. See our contact information from the link below. You can also read our answers to frequently asked questions on applying in an article here.

Contact information

Application instructions

POAS’s rental apartments are intended for students of post-primary educational institutions in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region as well as working people under the age of 30, including entrepreneurs. Some of our apartments are directed to working people, some for students only. Please apply only for apartments, of which selection criteria you meet. Read more information below or from our housing selection.

If you are applying for an apartment together with another applicant, only one applicant must meet the tenant criteria.

Working people:

To be eligible for our apartments, you must

  • be under the age of 30 in the beginning of the tenancy
  • have a valid employment contract.

You can apply for an apartment, even if the employment contract is for a fixed period, and the employment does not have to be full-time. Depending on the duration of the fixed-term employment contract, the rental agreement may be for a fixed term. Your workplace does not have to locate in Pirkanmaa region.

Also entrepreneurs can apply for our apartments. Entrepreneurs should prove regular income and wealth by application attachments.


If you are a student, you are eligible to apply if your studies are

  • full-time studies
  • leading to a degree
  • approved for the payment of Kela’s study allowance
  • in an educational institution located in Pirkanmaa region, such as: Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Tredu, Sasky, high schools, Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) and Police University College (POLAMK).

If you are a doctoral student (PhD), you can apply for apartments intended for working people under the age of 30.

Please note, that studies preparing for basic degrees, apprentice studies, other studies that Kela does not pay a study allowance for, and studies aimed at adults generally do not entitle you to apply for our apartments, unless you are also a working person under 30 years of age. Also, online studies will not be counted, if the educational institution is not located in Pirkanmaa.

We have apartments for both students and employed people under 30 years old. See the housing selection for more information.

Apartments in these housing complexes are rented to full-time students only:

  • Insinöörinkatu 19
  • Kärkikuja 2 & 6
  • Leirintäkatu 2
  • Nuolialantie 48
  • Perkiönkatu 85
  • Tieteenkatu 18
  • Vaahterakuja 3

Apartments in these housing complexes are rented primarily to working people under 30 years old:

  • Insinöörinkatu 59, 66 & 68
  • Jäähallinkaari 6 (only for employed people)
  • Näyttämönkatu 4 & 6
  • Peltokatu 33
  • Piennarkatu 35
  • Ristinarkuntie 18
  • Siirtolapuutarhankatu 4

All apartments in our other complexes are rented equally to both students and working people under 30 years old.

All our apartments are applied with an electronic housing application. Tenants to immediately available apartments are selected in the same way as to all our apartments, and immediately available apartments are also applied by the same housing application. Therefore, we recommend choosing also other than immediately available apartments to your application.

POAS does not have queues or waiting lists. We consider the urgency and the reason for the need of an apartment when selecting tenants. Please familiarize yourself with our housing complexes carefully before applying! Some of our housing complexes are intended for students, so please apply only for apartments for which you meet the tenant criteria (see the section Students above).

If you reject an offered apartment that matches your apartment application, it will decrease your chances of receiving a new apartment offer in the future.

In your application, please provide the exact dates when your need for housing will begin and when you will need to move out of your current apartment at the latest. In case your need for an apartment is short-term (less than six months) for example due to an internship, we can only make a fixed-term agreement to a shared apartment.

If possible, please add the necessary attachments already when submitting the housing application. This will smoothen the processing of your housing application. The attachments must be provided, at the latest, before the rental agreement is signed.

Please note that the attachments must be provided to conclude the rental agreement!

Attachments required from an employed applicant:

  • The latest wage slip
  • Valid employment contract

From students, one of the following attachments is accepted as a study certificate:

  • Study certificate provided by the educational institution, which is a maximum of 3 months old.
  • Screenshot of the study certificate from Studyinfo application system or a shared link showing your right to study and your presence during the current/upcoming semester.
  • Letter of approval from the educational institution if the studies has not yet begun.
  • Student card with the name of the student, the name of the educational institution as well as a valid academic year sticker. The student card must be issued by a student union or a student association. (A student card is accepted only at the application stage, in addition one of the other attachments mentioned above will be required before signing the rental agreement).

All our apartments are applied with an electronic housing application. After the application is submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation email. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all housing applications, but we will contact you if we can offer you an apartment.

The confirmation email includes a link from which you can edit the application (requires a strong identification, such as online banking ID). When you create a username and password to the application system, you can add attachments, edit the information, and renew your application if needed. You can also edit your application from this link. If you are unable to login to the application system, changes can also be notified to our customer service either by e-mail or telephone.

The housing application is valid for three (3) months. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy and validity of the information provided in the application. So remember to update your application on time! If your situation changes, please update your application. Please note that submitting a completely new application will automatically expire your previous housing application. If you no longer need an apartment, please delete your application.

We don’t have queues or waiting lists. Tenant selections to all our apartments, including immediately available ones, are made considering each applicant’s urgency and need for an apartment individually. Two-bedroom-apartments are rented for households with a minimum of two people. We also consider the asset limits of ARA apartments. The number of vacant apartments varies depending on the number of terminated rental agreements and tenants moving out.

We check every applicant’s credit history before offering an apartment. In the case of a minor applicant, the credit history of a legal guardian is checked. A clean credit record is not necessarily required to get an apartment, but the situation is considered case-by-case.

We will not contact all applicants but will contact you if we can provide an apartment for you. Apartment offers are always sent by e-mail. Once you have received an apartment offer, you can visit the offered apartment according to the instructions before accepting the offer. The offer is valid for a limited time stated in the offer.

Please let us know by the end of the validity period of the apartment offer whether you accept or reject the offer. Contact information can be found in the offer.

When you accept the apartment offer, please provide us the exact date, when you wish to start the rental agreement. If the apartment is vacant, the agreement can begin flexibly on weekdays. You must also provide the necessary attachments to conclude the agreement, if you have not included those in your application earlier (see the section Attachments above).

The obligation to pay rent starts on the same day your rental agreement begins. After signing the agreement, the start date is binding. Please note that the keys of the apartment will not be handed over before the start date of the agreement.

If you reject the apartment offer, please let us know at the same time, whether you want to delete or edit your application. Please note that rejecting or not responding to an offered apartment that matches with your apartment application, will decrease your chances of receiving another apartment offer.

If you wish to cancel the signed rental agreement before it starts, the following charges occur:

  • cancellation less than 1 month before the start date of the agreement: charge of 100 % of the monthly rent
  • cancellation at least 1 month before the start date of the agreement: charge of 50 % of the monthly rent
  • cancellation at least 2 months or more before the start date of the agreement: charge of 50 €.

Amount of security deposit depends on the size of the apartment:

  • room in a shared apartment 200 €
  • studios and one-bedroom apartments 300 €
  • two-bedroom apartments 450 €

Security deposit is paid to POAS’s bank account before your rental agreement begins. The deposit is paid according to an invoice you will get from POAS. Receipt of the paid deposit must be presented when picking up the keys. The keys will not be handed over if there is no proof that the deposit has been paid.

Please note that we only accept security deposits paid in cash to our account. We do not accept Kela’s or social services’ commitments, assistance vouchers or financial guarantees.

After you have familiarized yourself with our housing selection and application instructions, you can submit the housing application from the link below.

Housing application form