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POAS received an environmental certificate


POAS has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate. In accordance with the national EcoCompass system, we have committed to developing the management of our environmental matters and following the system’s criteria in our operations.

For POAS, environmental responsibility means taking responsibility of the environmental impacts caused by our operations. The management of these impacts has been integrated into the everyday operations of our company.

POAS’ board of directors, management and all employees have committed to taking environmental matters into account in their own work. We will maintain this commitment by providing all POAS employees with knowledge, training and other tools for managing and developing environmental matters. Our goal is to also increase the environmental awareness of our tenants and require commitment to environmental issues from all our partners in accordance with our values.

During the initial EcoCompass review, the environmental impacts of the company’s operations were identified. The key areas that were chosen for POAS’ next three-year environmental programme (2018–2020) were decreasing energy consumption (water and heating energy), waste management and environmental communication.

Our goal is to improve our current practices and find whole new operational models for the future in order to achieve the goals defined in our environmental programme.