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Our energy saving actions


POAS will take actions to save energy, and we hope that all our tenants will do their part to keep the rents reasonable next year as well. In this article we introduce our energy saving actions. The representatives of tenant committees have been involved in planning of these measures.

There are various nationwide energy saving campaigns aiming to encourage everyone to participate in energy saving and thus affect the total consumption. POAS takes part in the nationwide energy campaign called “Down a degree”. The campaign is organized by Motiva, Energy Authority, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, Ministry of the Environment, Prime Minister’s Office and The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Read more information and see the energy saving tips from the campaign website.

In November 2022, we had a sauna-free month. The common saunas of all our buildings were out of use from 31 October to 27 November 2022. The sauna-free month saves about 37,000 kWh of electricity. During the sauna-free month, tenant committees reviewed the utilization rates of the common saunas. Tenant committee of each housing complex has planned the new sauna shifts considering the utilization rates. We aim that the sauna stoves do not heat up unnecessarily when the shifts are not reserved.

More information on saving water and energy in POAS apartments.

Energy competition

POAS carried out an energy-saving project, which aimed to save water and electricity as well as increase the waste recycling rate in our housing complexes. In the pilot phase of the project, we organized an energy competition in selected housing complexes.

We selected three housing complexes to participate in the energy competition. Water and electricity consumption as well as the amount of mixed waste was monitored for three months in the following complexes: Ristinarkuntie 18, Mekaniikanpolku 6 and Vaahterakuja 1. During the campaign, we provided energy saving tips and energy consumption figures on the screens located in the hallway of the buildings.

The campaign has ended. Water and electricity consumption did not decrease during the campaign, so there were no winners. Therefore we have decided not to expand this project to other complexes. To thank all tenants who participated in the competition, we invited all tenants from these housing complexes to a free movie night! The registration link was sent to tenants by email.