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Suggest a roommate to yourself!


Do you live alone in a shared apartment or is your roommate moving away? – Suggest a roommate to yourself!

As a tenant living in a POAS´s shared apartment you can suggest roommate to yourself, if the other room in shared apartment is empty or if your current roommate is moving away.

If you wish to suggest a roommate, follow these steps:

1. Ask your friend to fill out an application to us in which he/she applies to particular shared apartment. Ask your friend also write on application that he/she is applying to the specific apartment living as your roommate.

2. Send an e-mail to in which you tell your name, address and the name of your friend that would like to live with you in a shared apartment.

POAS will check the suggested person´s application and if everything is ok and we can offer the apartment, your friend can live with you in a shared apartment!

Suggested person has to meet POAS´s criteria – either be a student or under 30 years old  working person. We will check the applicants appendices and credit history.

You can nominate roommate only in 2 person´s shared apartment. Notice that you can suggest a roommate to yourself who is opposite sex than you! In this case you need to be prepared to prove to Kela that you are not a couple or belong to same household.