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Plastic recycling information


Installation of plastic recycling bins is finished and all of our housing complexes have plastic collection bins. The collections bins as well as signboards were updated with plastic recycling instructions. Please pay attention to these new waste collection arrangements when you take your waste to waste collection points!

There are these kind of signboards in waste collection points.

What belongs / does not belong to plastic waste?

All following empty, clean and dry plastic household packaging can be thrown into the plastic waste collection bins:

  • Plastic food packaging such as yoghurt pots, butter tubs and packaging for colt cuts, cheese and ready meal (photo)
  • Detergent, shampoo and soap packaging
  • Plastic bottles, cans and jars (preferably flattened)
  • Plastic carrier bags, bags and wrappings

DO NOT put these into plastic waste:

  • Dirty plastic packaging and mixed waste
  • Packages that contain remains of hazardous waste (such as different chemicals)
  • PVC packaging (marked as “03”)
  • Other plastic products (such as toys, buckets, dishes) or plastic packaging waste from companies

Please note that the recycled plastic waste should be clean and dry. Rinse or wipe the packages before throwing them into the collection bin. If you need to use hot water or washing liquid to clean the packages, might be better for the environment to just throw those into the mixed waste.

More information and recycling instructions can be found from here.