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New shared electric cars


Our cooperation partner for the shared cars changed, and we get new and more spacious shared cars! New service provider is Aimo Park, and the new shared cars are fully electric Nissan Leafs. As usual, these shared cars are available for all our tenants to use.

Tenants must register to the Aimo Park system separately. Registration and reservation instructions will be updated to our website.

The location and schedule of the new cars:

  • 30 November 2021: New shared car available in our new buiding of Jäähallinkaari. The car is located on the outdoor parking area in front of Jäähallinkaari 4.
  • 3 January 2022: New shared car in Hervanta. The new car is located on the same parking space as before, in Insinöörinkatu 19 next to shopping mall Duo.
  • 1 February 2022: The new car is located on the parking area of Nuolialantie 48. At the same time the shared will be removed from Vaahterakuja.

The shortest reservation period for the car is 15min (€3.00) and you can reserve it for as long as you need. The longer the reservation lasts, the cheaper is the hourly cost of usage, 24h rent is €84.00. Any damages or faults occuring during your reservation must be reported in the Aimo Sharing system. More information can be found from Aimo Park’s website.

You can contact Aimo Sharing customer service in all issues related to the shared car.

Customer service:
Tel. +358 20 781 2490