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Apply shared apartment with friend!


Living in a shared apartment comes with many good things. They are for example more affordable than studios, and you get to know new people! But if living with stranger in a shared apartment is too frightening, you can apply to a shared apartment with a friend!

If you wish to live with a friend in a shared apartment, follow these steps:

1. Find a friend, that needs an apartment and is either student or a young working person under 30.

2. Fill in a shared application in which you chose “cell” or shared apartment as an housing type. Fill in both applicants information.

3. Notify us on application´s ”other reasons” section that you are applying together for a shared apartment.

You can apply with a friend to 2 person´s shared apartment. Both applicants must meet the POAS criteria: to be either student or a young working person under 30. POAS checks the application and if we can offer the apartment you can live in a shared apartment with your friend!

POAS will check both applicant´s credit history and you must deliver applications appendices if we offer an apartment to you.

Students are required to prove that they are currently studying by presenting one of the following:

  • a certificate of studies from your school, dated no more than three months ago
  • a student admission letter from your school, accepted until the date your studies begin
  • Kela’s valid decision on the payment of a study grant, including the name of the student and the school
  • a student card that includes the name of the student and the school and has a valid year tag, granted by a students’ union.

Working people shall present one of the following:

  • the latest wage slip for a period of a month
  • a valid employment contract

Notice that you can apply with a friend who is opposite sex than you! In this case you need to be prepared to prove to Kela that you are not a couple or belong to same household.