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Order rent letters as digital mail


Make an easy climate act and receive paper letters to digital mailbox Kivra!

We have started using a Kivra digital mailbox service that enables sending and receiving climate positive digital mail. With Kivra, you can also pay and archive your invoices electronically. Every invoice delivered and received through the digital service is a good thing for the environment and reduces the climate load. Enabling digital mail is one of our acts of environmental responsibility.

When you start using Kivra, you will receive our let-ters in electronic form instead of paper. For example, payment reminders and annual rent invoices are mailed on paper, so you can receive these directly in your phone’s digital mailbox in the future.

How to start using Kivra:

  1. Download the free Kivra app to your phone or go to
  2. Sign up with your online banking credentials or other mobile ID
  3. Ready! You will receive your next paper mail electronically in Kivra

If you have already registered with Kivra, you don’t need to do anything else. You will automatically receive our next letter to digital mailbox in Kivra. Read more about Kivra here.

If you have questions on how to use Kivra, please contact Kivra’s customer service directly.

Customer service:
Tel. +358 753 258335 (weekdays 9am-4pm)

If your question concerns the payment of rent or the amount of the rent invoice, please contact POAS’s rent supervision directly.