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Tips for applying


Were you selected to study? Specially during the summer apartments fill quickly, so now it is a good time to apply apartment from POAS! Read tips and instructions how to apply from POAS.

The apartments are rented to students at the schools in Pirkanmaa region, as well as to working people under 30 years of age. Students do not have age limit. If you apply together with somebody else only one of the applicants needs to meet the criteria. POAS has over 30 buildings around Tampere and apartment types are shared apartments, studios, two room and three room apartments. You can fill in an application here.

Tips and instructions how to apply

1. Get to know our apartments

Before you fill in an application, get to know our apartments carefully. POAS has over 30 buildings around Tampere. Notice that some of our apartments are primarily ment for students. You can find this information on every apartments presentation text. Search for apartments. 

2. Only apply for those apartments you are willing to accept

Only apply for those apartments you are willing to accept. If you turn down an apartment offered to you that fits your criteria, it lowers your chances to get another offer from us in the future. In the summer there are thousands of applicants and for that reason we always take consideration if we have already offered apartment to applicant. Apply only for apartments that are suitable for you and that you would like to live.

3. Don´t limit your application too much

Do you need to have your own sauna in your apartment? Or could you live a little further from your school? In Tampere public transport works really good. The truth is that you have better chances to get an apartment if your limitations on application are smaller! Think carefully in which cases you are willing to compromise and which things are necessities to you.

4. Remember shared apartments

Even if living in studio apartment might be tempting, you should also remember that we have plenty of shared apartmentsDuring summer it is easier to get a room in shared apartment than studio apartment. Shared apartments are usually more affordable than studios and you get to know new people while living in the shared apartment. You can also apply to shared apartment with a friend! Read instructions how to apply with a friend! 

5. Fill in informaton carefully and make sure they are correct

POAS do not have queues or waiting lists. We take the urgency of and the reason for the need for a flat into consideration when selecting tenants. Apartments are offered based on information you give us via application form and for this reason it is important that you fill in all the information carefully and they are correct. Fill in the date when you need the apartment, why you need an apartment and information about your income.

For exchange students there are few furnished apartment on Vaahterakuja 5 and Ritakatu 13 G-H-I-J. If you are exhange student inform us on the application if you are interested in furnished shared apartment.

Application is valid three months at time. If you wish to make changes to your application or renew it, please contact our office. You can read more about applying and applying process on Find a home section.

Notice that we contact you if we can offer you an apartment. Offers are mainly sent via email.

After you get an offer you can go see the apartment before accepting it. Before signing the rent agreement you should sent appendices to the application, and pay the security deposit. (Shared apartments 200 €, studios/two room apartments 300 €, three room apartments 450 €) You will get an separate invoice of security deposit.

Searh for flats and fill in an application!