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Hot inside the apartment?


During hot weather we get lot of questions concerning the apartment temperature. We understand it may feel uncomfortable inside, even though apartments are not heated during the summer. The buildings adhere to the building regulations used at the time of their construction, so our buildings don’t have cooling systems. Therefore we are unable to cool down the incoming air. POAS takes care of the room-specific air ventilation, but you can also influence the indoor temperature of your home in many ways. Here are few tips:

  • Avoid using electrical appliances, as those produce heat and thus further warm up the apartment.
    For example, heating an oven or sauna will raise the indoor temperature.
  • Keep the heat outside by keeping windows and curtains or possible blinds closed during the day. This will reduce the heating effect of sunlight entering the apartment.
  • Keep the supply air valves open. Although the windows and doors should be kept closed during the hottest hours, make sure air can circulate in the apartment by keeping the supply air valves open. Supply air valves are usually located above windows or near the ceiling.
  • Open windows in the night when the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature. Early birds can take advantage of the most efficient time in the early morning, when the air is the coolest after night.
  • Improve the air circulation with a fan. You can get the most out of it by placing it properly and close enough. It’s a good idea to place it near the area where you spend most of your time, for example next to a bed. Fans are not however suitable for continuous use and must not be left unattended.

Enjoy summer!