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Movie night sold out



As the corona virus situation has improved, we invite our tenants to movie night again!

The movie night features the latest James Bond action movie 007 No Time To Die. The event will be held in Finnkino’s ISENSE premium auditorium (Plevna) on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 7.00pm. The event is free for our tenants, and we provide snacks too!


Registration has ended! The event was extremely popular and all seats were reserved record fast, in less than three minutes! We have received many questions concerning the event, so here’s more information.

Why are there not enough tickets for all tenants?

  • Tenant events and benefits are additional services that we aim to provide every once in a while. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the availability to all our tenants.

Why can’t I bring an avec or friend with me?

  • There are a limited number of tickets, not enough for all tenants. For this reason, we want to limit these events to our tenants only.

Why don’t I get tickets for family members living in the same household?

  • Each tenant must register separately, since we check all participants’ information from our tenant register.

If somebody cancels their participation, how can I get a seat?

  • We have now checked all participants’ information from our tenant register, and based on the check, there was no seats vacated. If more seats become available, we will inform our tenants separately.

I didn’t get a movie night invitation or registration link.

  • The registration link was in an email sent to all our tenants on 10 September. The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address found in the POAS tenant system. Each tenant is responsible for keeping their information up-to-date in our system. The information can be edited in our tenant portal. Please note that messages sent from POAS email addresses (ending with may end up in junk mail folder if you have not marked those as a trusted source.

I registered for the event, but I have not received any ticket.

  • An electronic ticket will be sent to the participants closer to the event via email. Tickets do not have an assigned seat number. Seats are filled in arrival considering safety distances.

How is the corona virus situation considered?

  • Finnkino staff clean the premises regularly and the auditorium is air-conditioned
  • Hand sanitizer is provided
  • Safety distances are taken into account, not all seats are filled
  • In accordance with the instructions of the authorities, we recommend using face mask
  • More information on safety and hygiene measures can be found from Finnkino’s website.

Thanks to everyone who registered for the event! It is great that so many people are interested in the event! Please continue to follow our communication so that you won’t miss your benefits!