From a shared apartment to a studio apartment?

Are you living in a shared apartment but dreaming of a studio apartment of your own? Your chances to get a studio apartment in the spring enhance if you fill in the terms below. Campaign lasts 1.4.-31.7.2019.

– You must have been staying in a shared apartment since 1 September 2018. You must not have any rent arrears. You must accept the offered apartment without delay. The term of notice will be flexible (no statutory term of notice, normal moving-out cleaning, etc.).

– The deposit must be 300 euros, at the minimum, and a processing fee (20 euros) will be charged for the contract.

– If a tenant who meets the conditions has already filed an application, the tenant will be considered in the campaign, and a new application is not necessary. However, please note that apartments are only offered based on which conditions you have set on your application. This is why you should contact our office if you are uncertain about your existing application.

– Refusing an apartment that meets the conditions will revert the application into a normal state, which will significantly decrease your chances of receiving a new offer.