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Tenant committees:
Insinöörinkatu 66, 68

By participating in tenant activities, you can make a difference in your living environment and quality.

Tenant committee, together with POAS’ tenant manager, is responsible for the internal adminstration of the housing complex. Tenant meetings are held once a year, and these meetings are open to all residents of the building. In these annual meetings, a tenant committee for the housing complex is selected. Members of tenant committees makes decisions regarding tenant committee’s annual grant provided by POAS, use of shared spaces as well as organise tenant events.

By participating in the meetings or contacting your tenant committee, you can therefore have a say in matters related to your living environment.

See the contact information of your building’s tenant committee by entering your address in the search field below:


If your housing complex has a Facebook group, it is administrated by the tenant committee members. Facebook groups are not POAS’s official communication channels.

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