New housing complexes

We’re building a new block of flats in Vaahterakuja (Peltolampi) and it has received so-called green loan financing from the municipal financing, directed at financing green investments. It is an indication of the investment in environmental well-being of the building design, technical solutions and construction.

The eight-storey block of flats consisting of 56 flats rising to Peltolampi has been designed from the start to be modern and, above all, ecological.

Vaahterakuja is the first new student housing project in Finland to receive this green funding.

For the first time in POAS’s history, this building will have a geothermal heating. Its construction costs are slightly higher than in district heating, but careful calculations show that the system will pay off in less than 10 years. The building will have underfloor heating, which ensures a comfortable and even distribution of heat to the room and there are no radiators in way of interior design. In general, all choices and technical solutions have been advanced with energy efficiency first in mind.

Despite all the great environmental technology, people are in the center of the design. Building has seven floors, and the eighth floor will be a rooftop club room with stunning views and a rooftop terrace. The first floor, in turn, has a soundproofed music room where you can play, sing and rap in peace. Who knows if the room turns into a small studio…

Vaahterakuja’s building will be ready to move in September 2020. The application period for the apartments begins on 1st of February 2020. The application process is same than applying any other POAS apartments – by filling out the application form on our website. The previous tenants of Vaahterakuja 3 demolished housing complex will be prioritized in tenant selections if they still meet the necessary criteria.

New apartments in Janka

Ristinarkuntie construction project in Janka residential area will also be completed next year. Three blocks of flats are currently under construction at Ristinarkuntie 18, the first two of which will be completed at the end of August and the third at the end of October 2020. There will be a total of 144 flats in these buildings.

The housing complex will have very comfortable common areas. Buildings have public saunas, and one of the buildings is completed with club rooms for tenants. A separate cozy waiting area is built alongside the laundry, where you can spend time with other laundry users.

Further, the tenants will have access to a well-equipped gym and two charging points for electric cars. The application process for Ristinarkuntie apartments begins on 1st of March 2020.