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Annual Christmas Calendar


Follow our Instagram channel @poaskoti and participate in Christmas Calendar raffle!

Traditional POAS’s Christmas Calendar will take over our Instagram channel again on 1st of December 2020! Every day until Christmas Eve a new daily competition is published. This year each competition question will be about POAS, and by answering the question you’ll participate in the raffle. The Christmas Calendar competition is open for everyone, you don’t need to be a POAS tenant to participate.

The competition is published on our Instagram channel each morning and a small prize is raffled between all participants of the day. In addition, all participants will take part in the raffle of the main prize! As last year, the main prize is a 100 euro gift card to The main prize is raffled on 28th of December 2020.


Every day of the calendar there’s a chance to win a small prize. Daily prizes include:

  • Finnkino movie tickets
  • Christmas products
  • Tickets to Pyrintö’s basketball games
  • Usage of POAS’s shared electric cars.

The prizes vary depending on the day. This year all prizes are delivered to winners either electronically or by mail so redeeming the prize does not require a visit to our office.

Main prize is a 100 euro gift card to!

The main prize is raffled between all Christmas Calendar participants. The gift card can be used for buying items from stores or online store ( Gift card is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase. It cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged for money.

Instructions, privacy policy and general terms and conditions

  • Competition period: 1st – 24th December 2020
  • Christmas Calendar competition is open for everyone, you don’t need to be a POAS tenant to participate.
  • You participate the competition by commenting the Instagram post as instructed.
  • The daily prize will be raffled between all Instagram users who have commented the post on the same day, latest at 11.59pm. Daily prize of each competition will be raffled on the following weekday. Participation in the raffle does not require a correct answer.
  • The main prize will be raffled on 28th of December 2020. Main prize is raffled between all participants of all daily competitions of the Christmas Calendar.
  • POAS will inform the correct answer by replying the comment section of each Instagram post. After the daily raffle is conducted, POAS will contact winners personally and inform them about the delivery of the prize.
  • If one participant has commented posts several times, POAS has the right to count only one participation per each day.
  • POAS collects and handles participants’ contact information to conduct the raffle and inform the winners. The contact information will not be used for marketing or forwarded to third parties. The contact information will be deleted after the competition.
  • Each participant must exempt Instagram from all responsibility concerning this competition. Instagram does not recommend or manage this campaign in any way.
  • Participating the Christmas Calendar competition is free. The prizes can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for money.
  • By participating this raffle, you accept these terms and conditions.

More information:

Nelli Jokelainen / marketing, POAS