Information on COVID-19

POAS is constantly following the corona virus (COVID-19) situation as well as the instructions and information provided by authorities. We take actions on our behalf to prevent the virus from spreading and protect the health of both our tenants and employees.

We apologise for the inconvenience the situation may cause and hope our customers will understand the exceptional situation. Also, we would like remind that in this situation it is extremely important to follow the general instructions and restrictions initiated by authorities. Please contact us, if you wish to receive more information or there are any matters that POAS should consider when making necessary actions or precautionary measures.

As part of our preparation plan, there will be some changes in our services from 16th March onwards. These service changes apply until further notice:

Customer service:

  • Our telephone and email services are open normally Monday-Friday 9am–3pm. Please be patient, services might be busy occasionally.
  • For now, office assists our customers with necessary matters only, such as picking up and returning the keys. You need to make an appointment beforehand for any office visits.

Contact information:
+358 40 668 6008

Please note that tenancy-related matters can be handled through our electronic services, more information:

Tenant portal:

Also our applicants can register to tenant portal where their application can be edited or renewed.


  • In urgent maintenance needs, contact your housing complex’s maintenance company immediately! Other maintenance issues can be reported normally via electronic Notice of defects form. Please consider whether your issue could wait until the exceptional situation ends.
  • When making a Notice of defects, please mention in the Description field if you’re ordered to stay in quarantine or about any other matters that POAS should consider when making necessary actions or precautionary measures.
  • As always, urgent and necessary matters will be handled as soon as possible! Depending on the situation, handling other issues may be postponed. You can follow the processing of your matter in tenant portal:
  • Apartment visits are minimized to avoid physical contacts. However, if visiting apartment is necessary to handle the matter, we aim to schedule all visits to a point of time when tenant is not present. As of now, seeing apartments is only possible after previous tenants have moved out. Also, all preliminary inspections are cancelled until further notice. In these situations tenants will be contacted. Cancellation of pre-inspections does not remove tenant’s responsibility to carry out normal final cleaning. Apartments are inspected normally after moving out.
  • POAS has asked maintenance companies to inform tenants, if they make changes to their services.

Housing complexes:

  • Club rooms and gym (in Vaahterakuja) are currently out of use.
  • Public events and gatherings should not be arranged. This applies to tenant committee meetings as well. 
  • Common sauna shifts are cancelled for now. Private sauna shifts and laundry machines can be reserved normally from Kodinportaali reservation system.
  • Please pay extra attention to your hand hygiene when using common spaces.

Moving to/from Uusimaa region during travel restrictions

Can you move to POAS apartment from Uusimaa region or the other way around? According to Finnish Police, moving is considered as a serious personal reason to cross the border, but you need to bring all your belongings across the border at once. Unnecessary traffic between Uusimaa and rest of the Finland is not allowed.

At checkpoints, every person shall be prepared to give verbally or in writing an adequate reason for crossing the border of the Uusimaa region. The police will assess the necessity for travel in each individual case.

More information: