Additional services for tenants

Household appliances that needs to be connected to water network, such as tumble dryer, dishwasher or laundry washing machine, must always be installed by a professional. Home insurance does not cover damage caused by improperly or unprofessionally installed appliances.

If you buy such appliances to your household, you can order the installation service from our cooperation partner Hakonen Solutions. Their service includes safe installation, connecting to water and sewer system as well as all the equipment needed. You can also purchase a plastic trough under your dishwasher in case you don’t have one yet.

Hakonen Solutions also provides a wide range of other home services, such as delivery and moving services. Ask prices directly from Hakonen.

How to order additional services?

Send an email to and explain what kind of services you need. They will reply shortly and tell you which things needs to be considered before household appliances can be installed. When you have taken care of the matters mentioned, you can place an order by replying to Hakonen’s email directly. After that they’ll contact you to discuss the schedule of the ordered services.

More information:
Hakonen Solutions Oy
Vihiojantie 2
FI-33800 Tampere

Customer service:
Tel. +358 40 500 3840

Photo: Hakonen Solutions