EASYBIKE bicycle sharing service

EASYBIKE is a user-friendly bike-sharing service that you can use via your smart phone. EASYBIKE makes cycling possible for everybody who doesn’t own a bike. Using the bikes is ecological and affordable and you don’t need to worry about keys.

You can find EASYBIKE parking spots and bikes from Hervanta, Annala, Hallila, Kaukajärvi and Vuores. Bikes and parking spots are also located in front of some POAS´s buildings:

  • Kärkikuja 2,6
  • Insinöörinkatu 68
  • Insinöörinkatu 59
  • Kuusikonkatu 4
  • Matti Tapion katu, Näyttämönkatu 4,6
  • Nuolialantie 48 (NEW)

Bikes can be used also by others than the tenants living in those buildings. You can find EASYBIKE spots from TUT campus area, in front of many K-market and Sale stores. All the parking spots can be found on app´s map. Also available bikes can be seen via app.

To use the service, you need to download the free EASYBIKE app, register to the service and with the application, scan the QR code on the bike that you are going to use. By scanning the lock opens and you can start your journey. When you are ready to finish, you will park the bike at one of the EASYBIKE parking spots and lock the smartlock manually.

Read more and download the app on EASYBIKE´s webpage:


Prices: (Check student prices below)

1€/30 min

Normal Prices

5€ – 1 Day Ticket

10€ – 3 Days Ticket

20€ – 30 Days Ticket

40€ – 90 Days Ticket

60€ – Season Ticket

Membership tickets covers unlimited 30 minute bike rides. Overage fee €1 for each additional 30 minutes. Season ticket will remain valid until 31.12.2019.

Student prices:

0.5€/30 min

Student Price

5€ – 1 Day Ticket​

10€ – 3 Days Ticket​

15€ – 30 Days Ticket​

30€ – 90 Days Ticket​

40€ – Season Ticket

With a membership ticket the user has unlimited 30 minute rides. When a single bike trip exceeds 30 minutes, a €1 overage fee will be incurred for each additional 30 minutes.

The QR codes of the bikes are located on the rearing handlebar and in the back of the bike. Scanning it is easy with the application – the QR code reader reads the code immediately as you point it towards the code and the smart lock opens. Remember to turn Bluetooth connection on, as it is necessary in order to ride the bike.

When ever you are ready to end your trip, just park the bike to one of the official EASYBIKE parking spots and lock the smart lock. After this you are able to see how long your trip was, an estimation of the calories burned and saved carbon emissions during your ride.

We want that your friends become EASYBIKErs as well! Every user has their own invitation code, and if you share it with other non-users, you will earn 1€ every time a new user uses your invitation code! Pretty cool, right?

Read more on EASYBIKE`s webpage!