Summertime accommodation

POAS offers unfurnished rental flats for the summer during April and August. You can apply for the flat if you have for example a short-term summer job or if you are studying in Tampere or the surrounding municipalities. The minimum length for the lease agreement is, however, two months.

The flats in question are unfurnished rooms in shared flats. The flat types and the rents are shown on our web pages.

The rooms in the shared flats are located in Ruotula, Hervanta and Peltolammi, not in the city centre or its vicinity. More detailed information about the locations is available on our web pages.

  • The security deposit for the room is 200 euros.
  • The minimum length for the lease agreement is two calendar months.
  • The lease term must be between 1 April and 31 August.

It’s usually possible to stay on in the flat after the summer, if you get a place to study or a job in Tampere for the autumn and fulfil our tenant selection criteria. In these cases, please contact our office (