Subleasing during summer!

Moving away for the summer? – Sublease your apartment!

POAS residents can sublease their apartment. Subleasing is suitable for example to those who move away during summer but come back in autumn.

If you wish to sublease your apartment do these steps:

1. Find yourself a subtenant who meets POAS criteria, is either student or under 30 years old working person in Pirkanmaa region.

Notice! If subtenancy period is during summer and lasts 3 months or under, subtenant doesn´t need to meet POAS´s criteria. However, we still need subtenancy agreement and it´s appendices from subtenant!

2. Fill in and sign subtenancy agreement

3. Send the filled and signed subtenancy agreement and appendices to POAS office via email to Subtenant must prove that he/she is a student or working person under 30. You should send the contract and appendices well in advance at least 1 month before you wish your sublease to start for POAS´s approval.

POAS checks the agreement and appendices and also subtenant credit history and if everything is fine, subtenancy starts.

Students are required to prove that they are currently studying by presenting one of the following:

  • a certificate of studies from your school, dated no more than three months ago
  • a student admission letter from your school, accepted until the date your studies begin
  • Kela’s valid decision on the payment of a study grant, including the name of the student and the school
  • a student card that includes the name of the student and the school and has a valid year tag, granted by a students’ union.

Working people shall present one of the following:

  • the latest wage slip for a period of a month
  • a valid employment contract

Minimum time for subtenancy is 1 month and maximum 24 months. If you sublease your apartment many times in smaller periods all of those will be summed up. Read more about subleasing.